Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 3 hair challenge!

Here is the picture of her hair day three before we started

Yuck! glad I do my kids hair in the morning!

I just re combed her hair and put in new elastics, this time though I just put in the four pigtails I didn't hook in the top to the bottom ones...yet

Now I took the top pigtail braided it in two, and then hooked the braids to the bottom pigtails by crossing the middle ones!

Added bows of course!

and here she is out the door for the day!


Diamond said...

And she has tinsels in! I still love them. I'm amazed at how long they last for you. Yes, three days is a long time for them at our house.

Amie said...

Love it this is RIGHT up MY alley!
- I was on a 4 day challenge - I still need to go back - I didn't post each of my girls each day - they weren't all that noteworthy:-)

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