Monday, December 14, 2009

pigtails, diamonds and a hauser or two

Here is baby Mermaid in her new Christmas outfit, for some reason I have wanted a sock monkey shirt and bows and I finally got this adorable shirt from
I love it and of course I had to make some bows! but on to the hair!

I parted out four little braids in the front and four in the back, then I took most of the hair and made two big pigtails

This is how I pulled the braids into the pigtails, instead of weaving them like I usually do I just pulled the outside straight up and the center ones crossed to the opposite pigtails, It was easy!

Here is a view from the top, but  it shows the hair really well!

With the bows, I just love the brown and red of these bows!

And one cute little monkey! Thanks for reading my blog!


Amie said...

Are those double twist braids? So cute!
Very fun!

Chic-Clips said...

yep they are also called a hauser? braid, you just twist them one way and then back the other! easy!

John said...

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