Friday, January 28, 2011

Heart Bun for big girls

We ended up doing this cute heart bun on Too Cool For Hair. It was super cute and a very understated heart! I have done a video (which I hate to do) because I wanted to show just how easy this type of bun is! I love it
hair and bows 001I started her hair with three pigtails, if you can imagine where you want your heart to go this will help with placement

Then turn all of the hair into pin curl buns using the technique in the video! Thanks Princess for your mad video skills!
hair and bows 004
Here is her hair all bun-ed and sprayed, I should wait for it to dry before I take pictures but I am always in a hurry before school
hair and bows 006
and from the front! thanks so much for watching! and remember to send in your pictures for my bow contest!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Princess hair with a love knot

 hair 006
I just braided her hair back into princess hair.
Then I flipped the braid forward and took a section of hair from the back, and tied it in the first part of a knot
hair 008
Then I put the Braid and then tied of the rest of the knot
hair 009
And your done!
hair 010
Please email me your Valentine hairdos and You could win an Valentines bow!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letters from Juliet

I got this hairdo from the Babes in Hairland girls! She has waay better instructions than what I did here, because I thought why mess with a great tutorial!
 hair 011 hair 012
hair 013
So here are the pictures of our hair do,
hair 016
 hair 014
 hair 015
and here is some Too Cool for Hair silly pics! I am glad I have such patient kids to sit still while I mess with their hair and then take pics for ever!

New photos

Sorry this is not hair related...sort of.... I have some new cute baby headbands that I am going to sell and I just had some photos done by some great friends at J Gubler Photography! here is a link if you want to see a sneak peak!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Grown up twist bangs

hair 002 
Here we go with her hair just chi’ed with a curl on the bottom. I did Blowdry her hair and I think it helped with the volume!
  hair 003
Next  I just twisted her “bangs” back and hooked them with a bobby pin under her hair
hair 004
Here she is done from the front
hair 001
and done from the back.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

India braid

Here is Too Cool for Hairs braid again, this time we were going to play laser tag and she did not want it in her hair……But we were going with some friends who have a SUPER Cute boy so she wanted to look “fashionable”
trafalga with the nielsens 002
So I just pulled all of her hair to the side and did a 4 strand braid. I found a great link on YouTube on how to do it!trafalga with the nielsens 001
WE kept her bangs swept to the side!
trafalga with the nielsens 072 Here she is with her cute Metatarian its a life choice shirt that she got from “Stitcheroos”

Monday, January 10, 2011

wrap around braid

Once again its sunday moringing and I am in a hurry to do up some wet hair, I really loved the way this looked but a man in our congragation told too cool for hair that she should fire her hair stylest! so I guess you choose if you want to try it!
 bows 015
We just started her braid up on the side of her head and then I just Dutch Braided all the way around and down off her head so it wrapped around!
 bows 016
Here is the other side, her hair was still kindof wet, I hate to braid wet hair because I think it is harder to get it smooth!
bows 017
front shot It did look cute (I thought) AND It was really easy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Double Dutch

For this hair do I started with my chi and Curled all of The Little Princesses Hair and then I pulled the back into a clip and did two Dutch braids running from ear to ear across her head, one starting on the left the other starting on the right
 bows 009
Here are her braids running across her head easy she just has long braids hanging down the side
bows 010
Then I pulled the tails down and hooked them under her hair, with an elastic
bows 014
Here is her hair from the top
bows 011 
back view
bows 013
and front what a cute Princess!