Friday, January 28, 2011

Heart Bun for big girls

We ended up doing this cute heart bun on Too Cool For Hair. It was super cute and a very understated heart! I have done a video (which I hate to do) because I wanted to show just how easy this type of bun is! I love it
hair and bows 001I started her hair with three pigtails, if you can imagine where you want your heart to go this will help with placement

Then turn all of the hair into pin curl buns using the technique in the video! Thanks Princess for your mad video skills!
hair and bows 004
Here is her hair all bun-ed and sprayed, I should wait for it to dry before I take pictures but I am always in a hurry before school
hair and bows 006
and from the front! thanks so much for watching! and remember to send in your pictures for my bow contest!


Dreamer13 said...

Love it! I like heart stuff for valentine's but this understated one is even better! (some get so over the top...)

Keep up the great work!

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