Friday, July 8, 2011

Romantic Summer Hair day 4 here is where I got the following hairdo Idea, this one is day 3 in the book,

$th of july and hair 001

So this kinda looks like a french braid but really its just twists tied in a knot and secured with bobby pins

$th of july and hair 002

So you take your pieces of hair from the sides, and twist to the center

$th of july and hair 003

put one over the other one, and pull them so they look like this, secure with pins and do again, I think that we did 4 or 5 going down the back of her head at an angle,

$th of july and hair 004

more knots

$th of july and hair 005

oh, her hair was wavy from french braids the day before,

and that helped with volume, (not like she needs volume) I also curled the ends with my chi

$th of july and hair 006$th of july and hair 007

Then we tied hair around the elastic using our awesome little topsy tail!

$th of july and hair 009$th of july and hair 010$th of july and hair 011

and your done!

day 3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twisted rope bun

We have really been enjoying this bun! its really easy and looks way time consuming, but really only takes about 5 minutesHairdo-smelly pie 043
2 rope twists
Hairdo-smelly pie 044
Take one and wrap it up and around the other pinning as you go
Hairdo-smelly pie 045
wrap it all the way until you have nothing left
Hairdo-smelly pie 046
then wrap the other one around and tuck the end into the bun, hiding both of your elastics
Hairdo-smelly pie 047Hairdo-smelly pie 049Hairdo-smelly pie 050Hairdo-smelly pie 051
And your done! voila!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alice in Wonderland (the play) Flower hairstyle!

We Just finnished our summer workshop of “The Trial of Alice in Wonderland” and Baby Mermaid was a Flower, Daisy I think and here are some pictures of her and a step by step of her hairdo!

Hairdo-smelly pie 029

I braided her bangs back into two dutch braids pulling only from the front  to keep hair out of her eyes and to help hold her headpiece in place for the play

Hairdo-smelly pie 027

Then I pulled her hair into three pony's two on the bottom and one on the top (a triangle of pony's)

Hairdo-smelly pie 028Hairdo-smelly pie 030

Then I started making messy buns Hairdo-smelly pie 031

I wraped the hair around my finger once and left the ends curly and kinda messy

Hairdo-smelly pie 032

Her is how I pinned them in a X where my finger is

Hairdo-smelly pie 033

so I did the bottom two messy buns

Hairdo-smelly pie 034

Then I pulled the braids back and hooked them above the messy buns

Hairdo-smelly pie 036

then I tuned the top pony into a messy bun

Hairdo-smelly pie 037

From the front

Hairdo-smelly pie 038


and some Alice pictures “Just for Fun”

alice in wonderland 282

alice in wonderland 437

alice in wonderland 239

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romantic Summer hair day 3 so I bought this hair book and I must admit I am not a lover, but since I paid money for it and I am tight, I am doing one hair do of the girls choice every Sunday until I have done most of them, the one with the funky swirl on top will NOT be done in my home but….. well here is day 21 on Baby Mermaid!

Day 21

Here is the picture from the book, We don’t have bangs and I don’t like hair hanging in the girls face, so ours will be a bit more under control

Hairdo-smelly pie 013

So you start this hairdo with three braids on top of each other, the bottom braid upside down,

Hairdo-smelly pie 014Hairdo-smelly pie 015

Then you curl them up so you have a kind of braid faux hawk down the center of your head

Hairdo-smelly pie 016

At least it made Baby Mermaid happy!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Romantic Summer Styles Day 2 so I bought this hair book and I must admit I am not a lover, but since I paid money for it and I am tight, I am doing one hair do of the girls choice every Sunday until I have done most of them, the one with the funky swirl on top will NOT be done in my home but….. well here is day 1 from the book on Book Worm!

day 1_thumb

Here is the picture from the book,

Hairdo-smelly pie 006_thumb

now, Book Worm has way more hair, and it is way more coarse than the chic that wrote the book, so this is our version!

Hairdo-smelly pie 007_thumb

side pony split into sections

Hairdo-smelly pie 008_thumb

Sections wrapped and twisted loosely

Hairdo-smelly pie 009_thumb

all the pieces twisted

Hairdo-smelly pie 011_thumb

funny face from book worm!

Hairdo-smelly pie 012_thumb

side view!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Romantic summer styles? so I bought this hair book and I must admit I am not a lover, but since I paid money for it and I am tight, I am doing one hair do of the girls choice every Sunday until I have done most of them, the one with the funky swirl on top will NOT be done in my home but….. well here is day 27 in the book on Little Princess!
day 27
Here is the picture from the book,

Hairdo-smelly pie 003
we twisted this side back and secured it in a pony tail
Hairdo-smelly pie 004
swooped over this side to the side with the twist and then put it in one giant pin curl,
Hairdo-smelly pie 005
Here she is from the front! and your done!
I had a Question about the book, and for some reason Blogger is not letting me post a comment! so here is my answer!
The pictures are not step by step, just her hair done, and I am a really visual person, I learn by seeing others do it! also I don't love her instructions, if they were with pictures it would be more helpful, we did some cute ones today however and some of her hairdos I REALLY like!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The world has changed forever!

This weekend we were getting ready to make wedding invitations for my brother and his fiancĂ© for the 14th of June! We were so excited to welcome Jacqui and her two adorable children into our lives! As we pulled up to the house, her mom came running around the corner and told us that her sweet little boy Vince had fallen into a river while having visitation with his father in the canyon, and that he was being life flighted to Primary Children’s hospital, Jacqui and her mother jumped into the back of my van and off we sped the hour to the hospital, on the drive up the hospital called and told us that he was in extremely critical condition and was unconscious, As we arrive they rushed Jacqui and her mother away and we waited for them to get him into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) as we called my brother and kept him updated (he is in the Navy and stationed in CA). As we sat and waited for any info on this sweet little man. that just turned 2 last month, we cried with his grandmother and Aunts and uncles and waited for the best to happen! about Midnight Jacqui came running into the waiting room crying that Vince was dying and that she needed her mom with her. The doctors who I have every respect for, then told us that his stomach was bloated and so distended that they could not get enough blood pressure to get blood up to his poor little brain. They told us that they had a surgery that was his only hope, but that no child in the hospital had ever lived through it, they gave us a very small chance even survival but Jacqui signed the papers and they started the surgery. they came in and told us that he made it though, and that his intestines were nice and pink, not the black and gray that they usually find after the surgery, then they told us to go home and get some sleep, and that Jacqui and her Ex-husband could spend the night with Vince, we all left hoping that tomorrow would be a new day and all would be well with Vince.


But on Sunday morning they checked his pupils at about 5:30 am and they were fixed and dilated, Jacqui called us and told us if we wanted to say goodbye that we needed to come up as soon as possible, we jumped back into the car and drove to the hospital, where we waited until about 12:30 when my brothers flight got in, on the way back from the airport they told us that they had done the first test for brain activity and he had not responded to any of the 12 steps, and that they would repeat the test again in 2 hours, as we waited and these young people had to decide about organ donation and, things that no parents should ever have to decide about. The Doctor came in and said that he was going to go administer the test again, as we prayed that some miracle would happen! It had happened yesterday, he had survived the surgery, please just one more were all we are hoping for. But the Lord has his own plans and his own timeline, and Vince was proclaimed brain dead. We then waited in line to go in and say goodbye to his little broken body that was laying in the hospital bed, and his Grandfather, Jacqui’s dad said the most profound thing. He looked at his watch and said. 20 hours, its only been 20 hours.


In 20 hours we had gone from planning a happy wedding celebration, To a Funeral for a little boy that’s life had not even begun to start. all of the family's hopes and dreams for this little boy were gone. and now they had to look forward to nothing…. just


here is a link to the blog that you could donate to this little mans funeral and medical bills, The father was supposed to have health insurance on the children, but as we found out at the hospital he had not yet purchased it, so any amount that you could donate would be appreciated.