Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romantic Summer hair day 3 so I bought this hair book and I must admit I am not a lover, but since I paid money for it and I am tight, I am doing one hair do of the girls choice every Sunday until I have done most of them, the one with the funky swirl on top will NOT be done in my home but….. well here is day 21 on Baby Mermaid!

Day 21

Here is the picture from the book, We don’t have bangs and I don’t like hair hanging in the girls face, so ours will be a bit more under control

Hairdo-smelly pie 013

So you start this hairdo with three braids on top of each other, the bottom braid upside down,

Hairdo-smelly pie 014Hairdo-smelly pie 015

Then you curl them up so you have a kind of braid faux hawk down the center of your head

Hairdo-smelly pie 016

At least it made Baby Mermaid happy!



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