Monday, June 27, 2011

Romantic Summer Styles Day 2 so I bought this hair book and I must admit I am not a lover, but since I paid money for it and I am tight, I am doing one hair do of the girls choice every Sunday until I have done most of them, the one with the funky swirl on top will NOT be done in my home but….. well here is day 1 from the book on Book Worm!

day 1_thumb

Here is the picture from the book,

Hairdo-smelly pie 006_thumb

now, Book Worm has way more hair, and it is way more coarse than the chic that wrote the book, so this is our version!

Hairdo-smelly pie 007_thumb

side pony split into sections

Hairdo-smelly pie 008_thumb

Sections wrapped and twisted loosely

Hairdo-smelly pie 009_thumb

all the pieces twisted

Hairdo-smelly pie 011_thumb

funny face from book worm!

Hairdo-smelly pie 012_thumb

side view!



Blog said...

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