Saturday, June 25, 2011

Romantic summer styles? so I bought this hair book and I must admit I am not a lover, but since I paid money for it and I am tight, I am doing one hair do of the girls choice every Sunday until I have done most of them, the one with the funky swirl on top will NOT be done in my home but….. well here is day 27 in the book on Little Princess!
day 27
Here is the picture from the book,

Hairdo-smelly pie 003
we twisted this side back and secured it in a pony tail
Hairdo-smelly pie 004
swooped over this side to the side with the twist and then put it in one giant pin curl,
Hairdo-smelly pie 005
Here she is from the front! and your done!
I had a Question about the book, and for some reason Blogger is not letting me post a comment! so here is my answer!
The pictures are not step by step, just her hair done, and I am a really visual person, I learn by seeing others do it! also I don't love her instructions, if they were with pictures it would be more helpful, we did some cute ones today however and some of her hairdos I REALLY like!


Christy said...

I have been terribly tempted by that book, especially at the discounted rate... can you be a little more detailed about what you didn't like? (Or liked, if there was anything... lol.)
Little Princess looks adorable with that 'do! :)

Hair Romance said...

Hi Heather

Thank you for buying my book. I love seeing my styles in your gorgeous daughters' hair.

I'm sorry you were disappointed with the book and I'm happy to offer you a refund if you're not satisfied with the book.

The book idea came about so quickly I didn't have time to reshoot all the styles to take step by step pictures. As it's only me with my tripod it's really hard to do your hair and take pictures at the same time.

If you have any questions about the instructions or how to do any of the styles please send me an email at I'd be pleased to help.

You have some fabulous styles on your blog and it must be so much fun to have three beautiful girls to practice on!

Christina @ Hair Romance

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