Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alice in Wonderland (the play) Flower hairstyle!

We Just finnished our summer workshop of “The Trial of Alice in Wonderland” and Baby Mermaid was a Flower, Daisy I think and here are some pictures of her and a step by step of her hairdo!

Hairdo-smelly pie 029

I braided her bangs back into two dutch braids pulling only from the front  to keep hair out of her eyes and to help hold her headpiece in place for the play

Hairdo-smelly pie 027

Then I pulled her hair into three pony's two on the bottom and one on the top (a triangle of pony's)

Hairdo-smelly pie 028Hairdo-smelly pie 030

Then I started making messy buns Hairdo-smelly pie 031

I wraped the hair around my finger once and left the ends curly and kinda messy

Hairdo-smelly pie 032

Her is how I pinned them in a X where my finger is

Hairdo-smelly pie 033

so I did the bottom two messy buns

Hairdo-smelly pie 034

Then I pulled the braids back and hooked them above the messy buns

Hairdo-smelly pie 036

then I tuned the top pony into a messy bun

Hairdo-smelly pie 037

From the front

Hairdo-smelly pie 038


and some Alice pictures “Just for Fun”

alice in wonderland 282

alice in wonderland 437

alice in wonderland 239


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