Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cute Simple Knotty Bun

sumer 2013 401 sumer 2013 398 sumer 2013 399 sumer 2013 400
So this was a quick easy bun, I just braided back the front of her hair in a loose french braid and then wrapped the rest into a knotty bun… apparently we must have been in a hurry because we hadn't picked up our folded socks off the floor…Sorry about the mess

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mom’s Sunday Hair of Doom

 sumer 2013 402So I usually wash my hair on Saturday night and let it dry overnight, today however I washed and dried my hair before church (sunday morning) and it……is not a good thing as you can tell by my hideous picture! so I thought I would try a bun on myself LOL here goes!sumer 2013 403I pulled up the top “bangs” portion of my hair sumer 2013 404Pulled everything else into a pony sumer 2013 405And then tucked the pony threw itself to make a little bit of a knot
  sumer 2013 407  sumer 2013 409 sumer 2013 410 
Then I wrapped the pony around my fingers and secured to the bottom most part of my hair with bobby pins, I guess you could use hair pins…I never triedsumer 2013 412
so you end up with this
 sumer 2013 413
Next I took my bangs and twisted them into loose ropes…  sumer 2013 415 sumer 2013 416
Tied the ropes together and pinned…
sumer 2013 417 sumer 2013 418
and managed to make my hair less nasty in a matter of minutes! yah! its always great to go from a bad hairday to an OK one in 10 minutes!