Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wow What a week!

Well I have been really busy this week painting Too Cool For Hairs Room! It turned out really awesome so I thought I would show you the pics!
Well as you can tell zebra print was a theme of this room as well as books,
One wall down three to go!
She had picked out 7 pages of quotes I think we got about 5 pages on, I could NOT paint one more word for the life of me!
Three walls done one  to go!

yep more zebra it was better than words! (I think)
and tada its done!

She is saving up for a white couch to go in front of this wall! Right now it has The Little Princesses bed
(we are going to work on her room next which is a princess ninja theme! LOL)
The red shelf is a book shelf for her books ad stuff

inside the three frames there will be sheets of metal for magnet boards (I didn't have time to go pick it up yet)

All of her quotes, her bed will go in this corner

Last wall her bed will go there(that's why the quotes end besides the fact that I was tired)

Her desk area ( she has a black chair to go there that's my kitchen chair that I was standing on to paint all week long!)

The kiddos! They were a great help! Too Cool for Hair kept the house running while I was working! painted and traced words, and finished her floor which I think ended up really cool! The little Princess helped by painting (a little) and tracing, And the little ones just sat and played and talked to me all week!


Ryan Family said...

I love love love love this room!
Cant wait to see everything in it!

SugarandSpice said...

YOU are totally amazing! I love the room I think it turned out so fun! I can't wait to see the next room you do! I love it tons:)

Dreamer13 said...

WOW! that room is AMAZING! Man, I wish you had been my mom! I can't wait to see the princess ninja room, too! :D :D

Strommer Family said...

That is an absolute AWESOME room..what did you do to the floor (you just mentioned something about "finishing the floor" in that last post?? Very interested and would love to see more room transformations when you get them done!! ;)

Jill said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I think that's the coolest room I've ever seen!

Rachel said...

That looks so great! As one who tackles big projects as well, I know that was a TON of work. I'm sure she is going to love it for a long time though!

Chic-Clips said...

The floor is just concrete, Then Too Cool for hair sprayed waterbase stain on it with a spray bottle and my DH put Urethane finish on it to seal it and keep it shiny

Diamond said...

That is crazy cool. How great for all of you to do that with/for her.

Mrs. Argueta said...

I love the room! You girls did a wonderful job. I especially love the idea of all the book quotes. You sure have a lucky girl. We must see it with everything in it!

Laynie said...

Holy wow, I want to do that to MY room!! Come paint my house for me? *laughs*

Seriously though, I just found your blog while looking for braided styles for hair, and WOW... this is wonderful!! You've got some skills, lady!

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