Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heart French braid

I have had a lot of people tell me I have good french braiding skills but it didn't start out that way. I saw this hairdo in a book at a salon and I asked the girl how to do it. she said practice and so I did! this is the hairdo that I learned how to french braid on

I know this is a weird place to start french braiding but we are going to start in the middle, back of little Mermaids head.

Now we are going to split the hair into thirds, and start braiding toward her forehead, if you need to sit in front of your child this will help,

Keep braiding until you get about an inch from the forehead.

Now as I go around the turn in the heart I move myself around her head, after a while I can do in while sitting in a chair and they are in front of me but this is how I learned. (Please ignore the face on Baby Mermaid we were having a big PlayStation competition before church)

Now as I go around the turn I take pie shaped wedges into the braid but only from the outside! the tighter you pull the more you can control how tight your turn is, if it turns to sharp loosen your braid a little bit

Keep taking pie shaped wedges I usually have to do three or four.
Here you can see a third wedge getting braided into the heart

I just keep taking hair from the outside of the heart and along the round part
now just braid out the v part of the heart as long as you want it.

Repeat on the other side and pull the two tails in and hook with elastic,

add a bow a look you made a heart french braid!

Here it is from the front That is one cute Mermaid!

The Crown

we had a lot of time today before church and so we all got fancy Hair, This is Little princesses woven crown. That's what they call it. It is a variation on a hairdo found on

First we part her hair from ear to eat and hook the bottom hair so it wont get in your way

Then we braided the front part of her hair into eight sections
then we parted out the bottom part of her hair and hooked it to keep it out of our way!

Then we sectioned the middle part of her hair into eight sections to match the front and put it in little pigtails, the elastic color doesn't matter here because these will be the base of your buns!

We braided the bottom section to match the same parts as the middle and top

now we hooked with an elastic the top and bottom braids to the pigtails to create the weave (I tried to number and letter them so you can see how this works

Here is another pic without the numbers, the middle braid (the fourth one from the right goes to the farthest pigtail on the left and then just take the third to the second on the left etc.)

Weave the braids to the opposite pigtails using the old over under theory!

This is how I love to do a bun, it is so easy and everyone stops me and asks me how. what you do is wrap the hair around your two fingers like so.

Hold it with your other hand while you slide it off your fingers

take a bobby pin and hook in to the hair next to the scalp, then take a second bobby pin and hook it the other way to create an X on the bottom of the curl.

Here is an up close pic

I totally hair sprayed this, tonz of hairspray and then took the pic before it dried sorry! It dries nicely though

Here is the back (the hairspray is still wet) I told you I used alot of hairspray

add a bow of course and you are done!

Low elastic wrapped pigtails

So sometimes I just want to do something quick with (believe it or not) No BOWS, but I don't want their hair in their faces or to look yucky, so this is what we do!
we part the hair in the center and comb it into low piggies! She has wet hair and then we sprayed it really good with hair spray before combing it!

Then I stick this really cool topsy tail type thingy into one loop of the elastic, and I section out a small piece of hair!

I wrap the hair around the elastic about three times, you could do it more or less depending on the hair length, Baby Mermaid has super long hair, but it is pretty thick also so you might need to wrap more or less depending on the type of hair you have!

Then you hold onto the wrapped hair and pull the tool threw! it is so cool, and you don't see those ugly elastics!

Tada, now just repeat on the other side!

And there you have Low elastic wrapped pigtails! supper easy and fast! perfect for a summer day or a day at school when you have over slept!

I just have to say "isn't she cute"

Friday, May 29, 2009

the Faux-hawk

So Too Cool for Hair did Monkey Mans Hair today and here is her tutorial, just so ya know she is a little nervous about doing this because she doesn't think its that hard to do boy hair! but I have to admit that she is da' bomb Monkey Man loves her to do his hair because she understands exactly what he wants and she does a great job so here go's

OK.. so i always get the hair really wet before i do it!! (the spiking gel only works when wet)

This is the best spiking gel i have ever used!!!! (and i have used lots of different gel!!)

I then put the gel in. This gel is a really fast drying!

I then comb it into the shape i want. I hair spray it when i am done.


Twisted Ropes Bun

OK so today is Baby Mermaids turn for fancy hair! She stayed in her jammies all day long yesterday! What a lazy mermaid. So after a nice shower we started with clean dry hair. I parted it from above her eye across her head

Next we split it from Ear to ear and made little twisted ropes I always twist the hair to the right and then twist both strands togther to the left

Then I pulled the rest of her hair into a ponytail, and put the two ropes in that pony tail

Then I put all of her pony into ropes wow that is a lot of ropes this took a few minutes
then I hooked all of the ropes up into the pony so they made loops

I fanned out the loops so the ends looked like this

Now we curled all of those flippy tails, if you like the messy look you could skip this step
now we stuck in a couple of flower clips and look! your done!

what a cute little Mermaid!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dutch braid tutorial

Adrienne asked for a tutorial, This is my first video, and To Cool For Hair videod it so I hope this works!

Triple dutch braids with a fantail

OK so now we know I don't name hairdos well, but I saw a variation on this one and I had to try it on The Little Princess! First I sectioned the hair into thirds starting at the forehead and going to the nap of the neck. Then I braided the middle braid. At this point, I told her she could have a mohawk braid. She was not impressed, but the monkey man was!

When I got about 4 inches from the bottom, I put elastics in them, and then folded them up to the base of the neck and put in another elastic, to make a fantail . Then I just continued to the sides and braided them down and made fantails on each side. Then after doing all three sides and making fantails, I lifted up the fans and hooked all three of the braided loops together with an elastic . then I adjusted the fans and stuck a bow on there and wow! your done!