Friday, May 29, 2009

Twisted Ropes Bun

OK so today is Baby Mermaids turn for fancy hair! She stayed in her jammies all day long yesterday! What a lazy mermaid. So after a nice shower we started with clean dry hair. I parted it from above her eye across her head

Next we split it from Ear to ear and made little twisted ropes I always twist the hair to the right and then twist both strands togther to the left

Then I pulled the rest of her hair into a ponytail, and put the two ropes in that pony tail

Then I put all of her pony into ropes wow that is a lot of ropes this took a few minutes
then I hooked all of the ropes up into the pony so they made loops

I fanned out the loops so the ends looked like this

Now we curled all of those flippy tails, if you like the messy look you could skip this step
now we stuck in a couple of flower clips and look! your done!

what a cute little Mermaid!


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