Friday, July 8, 2011

Romantic Summer Hair day 4 here is where I got the following hairdo Idea, this one is day 3 in the book,

$th of july and hair 001

So this kinda looks like a french braid but really its just twists tied in a knot and secured with bobby pins

$th of july and hair 002

So you take your pieces of hair from the sides, and twist to the center

$th of july and hair 003

put one over the other one, and pull them so they look like this, secure with pins and do again, I think that we did 4 or 5 going down the back of her head at an angle,

$th of july and hair 004

more knots

$th of july and hair 005

oh, her hair was wavy from french braids the day before,

and that helped with volume, (not like she needs volume) I also curled the ends with my chi

$th of july and hair 006$th of july and hair 007

Then we tied hair around the elastic using our awesome little topsy tail!

$th of july and hair 009$th of july and hair 010$th of july and hair 011

and your done!

day 3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twisted rope bun

We have really been enjoying this bun! its really easy and looks way time consuming, but really only takes about 5 minutesHairdo-smelly pie 043
2 rope twists
Hairdo-smelly pie 044
Take one and wrap it up and around the other pinning as you go
Hairdo-smelly pie 045
wrap it all the way until you have nothing left
Hairdo-smelly pie 046
then wrap the other one around and tuck the end into the bun, hiding both of your elastics
Hairdo-smelly pie 047Hairdo-smelly pie 049Hairdo-smelly pie 050Hairdo-smelly pie 051
And your done! voila!