Friday, March 30, 2012

sideways braid (Kristal this is for you)

hair and st patrics 836
So I started with fresh clean dry hair on Baby Mermaid for this one, hair and st patrics 837
Then I did a sideways braid down from the front to right above her ear on the other side
hair and st patrics 838
I kept braiding her hair until I just had a little end then I secured it with a rubber band, next I folded up the end of the braid, and secured it with bobby pins, remember this is Baby Mermaid so we hooked bobby pins in every loop of her braid crossing, so its in really tight
hair and st patrics 839
Then we took the end and slipped it through the braid with our topsy tail (I could have used my fingers if I didn’t have such a useful tool. Then I just bobby pined the ends back down the bottom, you cant even see them they are under the first braid,
hair and st patrics 840
and your done!
hair and st patrics 841

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Braids and buns

violet hair 001Baby Mermaid wanted her hair up for church so I decided to try a bunch of pigtails all over the back of her head to see if I could get that “modern Bride” big hugeo bun on the back of my head look, and guess what It worked! So I started by dutch braiding her hair back into two, just to her ears and then finishing off the braid down to the ends,violet hair 002Next I put her hair in 7 random pigtails all over the back of her hair, this really created a nice base for her hair to be pinned to, I like to do all of my pincurl buns on a ponytail base, for my kiddos because I think they stay in better and my kids are pretty active. especially Baby Mermaid with her tourettes, her hair has to be solid.violet hair 003This picture you can see where I hooked her braids just to keep them under the bunviolet hair 004Then I started rolling her hair and adding bobby pins to keep it looking full,violet hair 006Just keep going and your done! violet hair 005
Here is some cheese to start off your day!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Braided headband with blue

So Baby Mermaid wanted blue hair today, so I just colored a streak in using my Crayola markers, make sure you use washable ones, Its red ribbon week hence the bow tied to the glasses,007
Then we just hooked everything up in the elastic and stuck a flower on it
Curled the ends and your done!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow…

Yep you guessed it Book Worm donated 14 inches of hair to locks of love! ya gotta love the kiddos, And I am super glad that the kids seem to donate every three years so I always have a long hair girl in the mix!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pigtails “fakeo Braid”

hair and st patrics 812
So for this hairdo, I started with wet hair, It helps keep the hair under control
I took two pieces of hair from the front of her hair and hooked it together with an elastic on the right side of her hair,
hair and st patrics 813
Then I took two more pieces from right behind the first and hooked them together on the left side of her head going under the first pigtail,
hair and st patrics 814
Then I continued but only took a piece from the opposite side of the pigtail hooking it to the pigtail with an elastic,hair and st patrics 815
Just Keep taking a small piece and hooking it to the other sidehair and st patrics 816hair and st patrics 817hair and st patrics 818hair and st patrics 819hair and st patrics 820hair and st patrics 821hair and st patrics 822hair and st patrics 823
And your done, do you notice anything different about Bookworm?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sheilo Shampoo, Conditioner, and Protectant Review…

I got some Sheilo Shampoo, Conditioner and protectant to review, it took me a long time to get this review up because I wanted to use all of the product before writing my review. Why you ask me? because I have a real problem with hair product, I find something I love, use it a couple of times, and then quickly fall out of love with it,

That was not the case with this product, I reviewed the Hydrate, line, because I have tonz of hair and find that it dries out really quickly.

what they say about there product Serious hydration to address the needs of thick, dry or over styled hair. A great treatment for all hair types that become dry from chemical processing or the stress of heat styling. Avoids dehydration by keeping hair moisturized, fluid and free flowing.


What I say about there product! LOVE

hair and st patrics 843

Yes, for some reason I am putting this picture on the internet, this is what I look like after letting my hair dry after a shower, yah, I know I resemble a lion, my hair is really dry and thick, thick thick, I have a hard time getting my hair to stay Hydrated, not with this product!

hair and st patrics 844

So a picture is worth a thousand words, after I use this product (and a Curling Iron) my hair will stay calm and well mannered, for days. This is really a product that I will probably purchase in the future, It leaves my hair fresh and clean, and under control, if It can make my insane hair feel this good I am sure it will make other hair that’s not as naughty as mine be wonderful. two thumbs up!