Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pigtails “fakeo Braid”

hair and st patrics 812
So for this hairdo, I started with wet hair, It helps keep the hair under control
I took two pieces of hair from the front of her hair and hooked it together with an elastic on the right side of her hair,
hair and st patrics 813
Then I took two more pieces from right behind the first and hooked them together on the left side of her head going under the first pigtail,
hair and st patrics 814
Then I continued but only took a piece from the opposite side of the pigtail hooking it to the pigtail with an elastic,hair and st patrics 815
Just Keep taking a small piece and hooking it to the other sidehair and st patrics 816hair and st patrics 817hair and st patrics 818hair and st patrics 819hair and st patrics 820hair and st patrics 821hair and st patrics 822hair and st patrics 823
And your done, do you notice anything different about Bookworm?


Heather said...

Bookworm chopped her hair? I love it.

Chic-Clips said...

Yep, super cute! but I miss the long locks

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