Thursday, May 28, 2009

Triple dutch braids with a fantail

OK so now we know I don't name hairdos well, but I saw a variation on this one and I had to try it on The Little Princess! First I sectioned the hair into thirds starting at the forehead and going to the nap of the neck. Then I braided the middle braid. At this point, I told her she could have a mohawk braid. She was not impressed, but the monkey man was!

When I got about 4 inches from the bottom, I put elastics in them, and then folded them up to the base of the neck and put in another elastic, to make a fantail . Then I just continued to the sides and braided them down and made fantails on each side. Then after doing all three sides and making fantails, I lifted up the fans and hooked all three of the braided loops together with an elastic . then I adjusted the fans and stuck a bow on there and wow! your done!


SugarandSpice said...

Thanks for linking my blog!!! I added myself as a follower on yours and will link you too!!! By the way I am jealsous of people who can french braid well. I am still perfecting my technique.

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