Saturday, August 7, 2010

swim hair and a trip to the res!

Here is a swim hairdo and a trip to our reservoir (a lake-ish pond that we swim at once a week, all of our family that live all over is always asking what the Res is so here are some pics!)
so I just did a quick smocking in the front the first row is three pigtails the second row is 4 easy

her hair is so short that I did a puffy braid up the back

combined both into a pony tail

and she is ready to swim!

Here are the kiddos on the beach, I use that word loosely as the sand is actually gravel because its quite windy here and when they put down nice sand it blew away! so now its poky gravel!

My Dear Husband pumping up the island! What a strong man!

The secret to our success! the first couple of times we went out we both pumped with hand pumps but now I use the battery powered one and he pumps up the rest with the hand pump it still takes about a half hour to pump it up! LOL

The kids ready to go out! So much fun!


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