Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tied up funky braids

It is officially summer because we have to do swim hair! I love to go swimming and I like the kids to not have to brush the hair out of their faces when they come up out of the water! I also think that Baby Monkey may get strangled in her hair... OK that might be an exaggeration but oh well.
So today on The Little Princess we put her hair into Indian Braids (they are just pigtails set low on the middle back of the head, braided without an elastic next to the scalp)
Here is the first Indian pigtail. We ended it fairly early so she could have sticky out hair!
Now I just slip an elastic up next to the scalp, don't twist it, just slip it up there!

Then I take the braid from the other side and tuck it up through the elastic, now I twist it a couple of times to make sure it is tight!

Then I do the same thing on the other side! I used yellow elastics for the bottom and green for the connector elastics on the top just so you could see better, I probably would have done black or dark brown if I wasn't doing a tutorial.

here is the back view, I would have put BIG bows on at this point if we were going anywhere but the pool!

Here is the front view I would say she is ready for a day in the sun! I also have to admit I was worried about the loops in the pigs coming out but they held beautiful I was very impressed


Zajcha said...

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