Friday, June 12, 2009

braided pig tail french braids

alright this is Baby Mermaid with second day hair all I a can say is yuck!So I parted the hair in pigtails and then each pigtail in 3 so I have 6 sections. Next I put an elastic on every other one so that I can keep them separated. then I braided the front section starting at an angle, once again lots of hair spray and lots of detangler have been added!

I braided it back to the part and then took a couple of braids not hooked to anything (just about an inch of basic braid)

crossed the basic braid over the part and started french braiding down the opposite side, on the second section I took one piece of hair from each side and then I took it only from the side by the ear to keep it close to the part

Here is another pic of me crossing that first part, in this pic you can see those other sections that I have elasticed to keep out of the way!

now I take about an inch of basic braid and cross back over to the other side bottom section

now I french braid this the normal way just at an angle so I end at the same place as I started (just on the bottom) and then braided it to the end.

I continued down the head just like I did on the first side

and this is how it looks when you have both sides done!

add bows and...

from the front,

and the top, you have a fun, twist on a basic french braid


SugarandSpice said...

I actually thought her day after hair looked pretty! :) I love day after braid hair!

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