Thursday, June 18, 2009

knotty ponytail

The little Princess wanted something easy and so did I because we had been cleaning my desk all moring, so this is what we came up with! we made 5 little ponys across the front of her head and then we used the Topsy tail to pull them through to make little knots

Then we started on the second row making our parts in between the other row (so they are offset) then splitting the tails from the other row hooking them into a pony, to "weave" the hair into the second row.

Then we pulled the back part into a pony

Now we took 1/2 of the tails and hooked them with elastic 1/2 way back to the pony.

Then we took all the tails and hooked them into the pony with a second elastic!

and you are done! (after adding a bow)
From the front!

and the side


Zajcha said...

All your do's are excellent and so pretty - Too cool for hair should want you to do her hair more lol. I've noticed how you turn simple styles into elegant and more noticeable and unusual ones, never TO distracting! I love your site.
Zajcha from Herbie Hair

Angie said...

This post makes me laugh because I told Janae just the other day that Iwas going ot experiment with those knot ponies and see if I could get it to look cute for competitions. Love it!

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