Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Braided Headband with a pony tail

We Were going to the zoo with grandma and we over slept, so we did some super fast hair that was cute and up so we didn't have hair on our necks... turned out it rained on us and we wore hats all day long! oh well here are our dos for the day!
Baby monkeys hair I saw a pic of Ashley Tisdale with a braid headband around a pony so here it is!
So I parted her hair in a circle around her head. This proved the most challenging and i thought it was not straight and was not going to take pics but then as I started braiding you couldn't tell that it was crooked. so we took pics. I only pulled hair from the front of the dutch braid, this made it sit back on the part and hide it from view.
Then I continued on with the braid and finished it off with an elastic..

Then I pulled the rest of the hair into a pony tail. I always hairspray before I comb and that helps keep the hair smooth just work fast so the hairspray does not dry on you before you are done! Then I hooked the braid into the bottom of the pigtail.

Got out my trusty Topsy Tail and pulled the pony threw almost all the way. I left a little bump underneath the fantail.

Here is her pony after I had pulled it threw. If any one has advice on how to keep it looking like this I would really appreciate it!
Next we ratted it and sprayed it and hooked hair where I wanted it with bobby pins. I also added a bow because I have to. I think I might be obsessed?

Tada baby mermaid in 10 minutes or less...


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You are brilliant!

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