Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Letter Hair "T"

The baby Mermaid wanted Letter Hair! don't ask me why the inner workings of a 7 year olds brain is something I will never understand! So for some strange reason we decided on the letter "T" I started with dry hair and parted out the front like this. It will end up being the top of the "T" Then I had her face me and put her head down (look at the floor) while I started at the bottom and braided up to the part

Here it is braided up to the top

Then I split the pony that is the stem of the "T" and braided that into the top of the "T" I wish I would have pulled this a little bit tighter! she kind of had a bump on the top that I was not in love with but I guess it is all trial and error when you are braiding a T on someones head!

Here is the "T" from the top
Here is the bottom part of the T and her little pigs hanging down, I tried to talk her into braids all the way down but she knows what she wants!
Here is baby mermaid from the front


SugarandSpice said...

So it's just not fair! I am awful at frenchbraids. I have a hard enough time doing a normal frenchbraid and then people like you (with real frenchbraiding talent) come along and can do them up the back and upside down!?!?! What exactly am I doing wrong?

BookWormsUnited said...

I have the kid hold their head upside down! so I am braiding right side up!

Chic-Clips said...

wow, I just posted as my daughter I guess I a bookwormsunited now sorry!

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