Thursday, June 18, 2009

little rolled knots into pigtails

We did this hairdo for the day, I have to admit I was sick of braids but who can just do pigtails and leave it alone? not me, We wore this to the library and got so many complements! thanks everyone! K here I parted out her hair into pigtails but I left out a long rectangle across the top

Pulled the hair into lower pigtails, they are not all the way down by her ears.

Next I rubbed pomade into her hair (just the rectangle)
Then I sectioned out a piece of hair and split it in half,

twisted each side toward each other. this makes it easier for me to tie the knot

Then cross it just like you would to start tying your shoes

This is where it differs from your standard shoe tie knot, instead of tucking it under once, tuck it under twice

Then pull it tight, as you can see they loosen up a little bit when you let go

Here are all of my knots done and I have tightened them up just a little bit, by holding them out like that then i hooked all of those ends into the pigtail with a second elastic!

From the back!

From the front

and from the top. (don't mind the bows! I cant believe that I don't have bows to match this shirt! I guess I need to get to work, and stop doing hair)


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