Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fancy Swim Hair

To Cool for Hair got invited to a swim party so she called in mom to help her look cute and keep her hair out of her eyes! so we started by parting her hair across behind her ears, and pulling the back part into low pigtailsThen we parted the front on the side and french braided the hair back to the very bottom of the hair. She had her hair cut around Christmas and had side bangs cut, we have to do something with the front or it will just fall out of pigs or ponys. This would be great if you kiddo is growing out bangs or to keep long bang out of their eyes!

Then I pulled the braids back and wrapped them around the piggie and pulled it threw with my Topsy tail, then repeated it on the other side!

Here it is from the back

Here it is from the front!

Thanks for letting your mom play with your hair you are "The Best"


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