Friday, June 12, 2009

Corn Rows into a Pony Tail

So I only wash my kids hair every other day. when I had 2 kids we washed hair everyday but now I have to do day 2 hair so I thought that I would show you some hairdos for day 2 hair. This is The Little Princess, she just had double rope princess hair and I have sprayed it with detangler, and parted it with two inches of hair diagonally across her head to make our first cornrow, I am holding the part I am going to braid, the rest is pulled into clips and elastic
I wetted it down again with detangler and Hairspray, I should buy stock, and just braided a basic cornrow (dutch braid) Then I sectioned of a second piece and braided again, I kept them at the same angle keeping them next to each other.

Now I have completed 4 Cornrows back to the back top of her head, where I would normally put a pony tail. I could have kept going but I was tired!

Then I hair sprayed (shocking I know) and detangled the rest of her hair, and pulled it into a pony at the end of the braids

folded the pony in half and put a second elastic down at the base to hold all those ends

let go and this is what you end up with, I am always trying to make my girls hair look shorter in the summer, to keep it off their necks. Perhaps I should use scissors (gasp)

from the front!

add a bow (and fix that hangie) and your done!


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