Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Braided Headband with swoop bangs

I told you we had tonz of time before church, I asked To Cool For Hair if I could do her hair and she said YES! I know it is all because of you bloggers! Can you feel the love?
SO we started by parting the hair from ear to ear, a section about two inches wide.
then I braided it from one ear to the next
then I parted the bangs, greased them up with pomade and hair spray, combed them smooth and hooked them and the braid in the back under the rest of her hair.

combed the back of her hair smooth and hair sprayed it to death, Here is a close up of her hair, I know I should wait for the hair spray to dry!

And you are done!


SugarandSpice said...

HAHAHAHAHA LOL!!! Don't worry, you're not the only one who uses alot of hairspray. I want my daughter coming home from school the same way she left:)

I want to buy some of your bows to giveaway on my blog! My youngest is head over heels for minnie mouse!!! If you are okay with that e-mail me @

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