Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Easy Pigtails, with only a tiny bit of fancy!

Here is baby Mermaid, she wanted a quick hairdo, "Mom just do something fast" day. I guess she had pressing matters of summer play outside. so we came up with regular old pigtails with a tiny bit of fancy! this would be great on a little girl with not quite as long of hair that has problems with wisps in the front!So I parted the hair down the middle and then in the front made a wide 45 degree angle in the front that goes to the middle of her left eye, combed and sprayed and made that section into a piggie, Then I made a second part, so I made the front section into a tiny piggie. Finally I made the second big piggie on the right side.

Here she is with the three pigtails the one in the front is a tiny one. this pic shows the part lines really well

Used my Topsy tail to pull the hair in the little triangle threw to make a little knot

Then I pulled it threw and hooked it into the Left hand pony with a second elastic

Add some bows (of course) and you are done!

Here it is from the top


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