Monday, June 22, 2009

funky summer pigtail bun

To Cool for Hair had to speak in church on Fathers day and she wanted me to do her hair! so I had to take advantage and do something special, yet grown up! so we took a square part on the top and then parted the rest into pigtails set fairly low in the back behind her ears. ( we didn't want the princess Lea look)

Then I parted the square diagonally and dutch french braided the sections.

Hear it is finished braiding, I wish I would have pulled both braids to one side but we pulled one to each pony and fastened with an elastic

Like So

Here we are putting in the funky bun, unlike the other buns I do where I wrap the hair all the way around my fingers, this one I just wrap the middle around my fingers once! then a pull the loop up and bobby pin it to her head.

Here is a pic of me putting in lots of bobby pins! Her hair is so straight and thick that I have to use tons of pins or they just pop out! I told her we should staple them to her scalp... Maybe that's why she doesn't like me to do her hair LOL
This is what makes it messy and funky is the tails sticking out every which way

here is one side after I got all the pin curls in

Back view before I curled it

And the back view

here she is from the front,


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