Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! braided buns

Hey! Happy thanks giving! We had quite the crazy month but I am pretty proud that I got as much blogging done as I did! I am off to shop all night and then craft fair for the next two days but hey! I just thought that we would wish you a happy holiday and show you To Cool for Hairs holiday you can see from the pics Baby Mermaid has an addition to her face!
Yep she got glasses! Here she is waiting for her turn to get her hair done!

so I just started putting in little dutch braids in her hair

every witch way no rhyme or reason

Here she is with her braiding done.

Then I pulled it into four ponys around the back of her head then I just put the ponys into pin curls and fixed them up the best I could. ( the stuffing and yams were in the oven so I had a few minutes to work!)

from the back

from the top

and there you go from the front all the way done (mom would have added a bow, or flower)
I am so thankful for wonderful kids, a awesome hubby that reminds me to slow down and not try to do everything, the best parents in the world, good friends, great friends and awesome followers! Thanks for following me on this wild ride called life!


Shaunells Hair said...

Hi there--your stuff is so cute! LOve it! Just wanted you to know I added you to my blog-would love it if you'd do the same for me! Have a good holiday!

Chic-Clips said...

Hi, I finally added you to my blog! thanks for adding me, I would also love if you put a link to my etsy shop! LOL thanks

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