Thursday, September 10, 2009

my new toy!

I went to the Onion days carnival and fair and there was a man, selling these hair things, that make these cute crowns (and a dozen other hairdo's) they don't have a name or a website yet... but I will list his email at the end. you have to know how interested I was in learning this hairdo, because I bought something at a fair! I own my own Hair bow business simply because I am to cheep to by bows.. LOL well her goes, it really is easy! comb the hair really smooth an part on the side,
make the hair "thingy" into a circle and bobby pin it to the side of the crown of her head.

start at the front and take a LITTLE section of hair twist it and then wrap it around the hair "thingy" then take another little section and twist it with the first and then wrap it around!

Here I am wrapping the hair around the "thingy" just keep repeating till you get to the end

twisting, wrapping, twisting, etc....

it really is easy! and fun! and no braiding required!

then you tuck and Bobby pin the ends under the hair, and grab both ends of the "thingy" and kinda tighten the whole thing up by pulling on them a little bit twist into the weird flower thing the only thing I don't LOVE I would love to be able to stick one of my own bows up there! and your done!
the email for the "guy" who makes the "thingy" is
tell him chic-clips sent ya!


bbreck said...

It looks easy but not sure. How many sections of hair did you end up with? Did you just wrap the next section in between the first section and so forth? It turned out gorgeous so I for sure want to try it. Thanks.

Chic-Clips said...

You just twist the old section with the new section so you only have one twist going all the way around! the hair "thingys" come with a dvd also!

Jennie said...

Ally and I bought a few of these for our girls too. Maddie's hair is pretty short, so it didn't work as well. If you figure out any good uses for it with short hair let me know!

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