Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair tragedy part deux

once again hair tragedy has struck my life! Baby Mermaid has decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love, However thrilled I am to have my children give such a selfless gift to little children who really need this gift! I feel so selfish in thinking that I need it to!
Here she is with her long hair!
after the big chop, I asked for them to take 8 inches I think they took more like 10, or we have different rulers! LOL
In the car on the ride home!

on our porch sporting her short hair!


Osteen Family said...

Congratulations on having such a caring and compassionate daughter.

Melissa said...

awe! That's so super sweet of your little girl! Good for her! (and I totally understand the hair thing... my 3 yr old has hair that's only an inch long... it just won't grow!)

Rachel said...

So cute!! Emma wants short hair so bad, but luckily her dad has talked her out of it every time. :)

Princess Hairstyles said...

You'll get used to it soon and love it, I promise! She looks adorable btw.

SugarandSpice said...

I Love when kids want to help other kids! My daughter helps with a lot of my cancer fundraising and she loves knowing she gets to help other kids! She is always coming up with ideas to help raise money! I think it helps give them a feeling of self-worth. You should be a proud momma that has such a caring daughter! Besides I think the shorter cut is dang cute on her:)

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