Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day camp hair

For day camp Baby mermaid said that she wanted braid bun things that are funky. so This is what I came up with. They were not what baby mermaid had in mind but they were a head turner all day at camp. I had so many comments about how cute her hair was! and they stayed in great all day in the wind and dirt threw hikes and skits! it was a great do!
so I separated her hair into three parts from front to back, her bangs part (four braids from ear to ear)separated
Her pigtail part ( pigtails with three braids each pigtail)pigtails
and the bottom part (four braids again from ear to ear) I started with wet hair and lots of pomade to keep the wispys in the braids!

She was getting sick of sitting there! put that shows the pomade that I use!

so I hook the front and back braids into her pigtails by crossing the far ones and pulling the center ones straight up but you could cross all of them or whatever!hook

then I looped all the braids so the elastics were all together! the loops are NOT even I wanted the elastics to be together to help hold the buns in!

then I ratted and flat Ironed the ends to make it funky stuck some bows in

added a little silly girl

from the back!

and she had a wonderful time at day-camp! oh by the way! see that cute backpack, I love it and got it at  stitcheroos
well hope you enjoy doing your hair!


Dreamer13 said...

Definitely funky! I love it!

Christy said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Yycien said...
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