Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 french braids into fantails

Spring break is almost over, but we went out to a place called Antelope Island (its an Island on the Great Salt Lake) I have lived about an hour and a half away from it for my whole life and have never been there! They have some great Mountain bike trails, (my husband is big into the biking thing) so we loaded up the kids and headed off but not before we did hair that would stay out of their eyes (its windy) when their bike helmets are off and the helmets would fit over hair so this is what we came up with for Baby Mermaid!
Here I have split the hair into three sections, one across the front and two pigtail sections

braids down the two pigtails, fantail on the one side

french braid across the front

pull the front braid back and under the fantail

hook with a clear elastic on french braid

fold into a fantail

from the front

top back view. after we got there I was so glad that we did her hair up tight because they played and played on the sandy beach! her hair was full of sand when we got home! this would be a great do for the beach!

here are the girls at sunset! it was a great fun time! (weird thing on baby Mermaids nose,it was a camera thing not a deformity we have been hiding all these years! LOL)


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