Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Curlformers again!

Too Cool for Hair had a speech and debate competition this weekend, her first one ever! We decided on Theater hair, not knowing really what judges are looking for, she did a Duo, and got second place (she did a great job but lets admit part of that prize goes to this awesome hairdo)
 tempest tics 100Here she is from the front, we just Dutch braided her bangs back like this really easy!
tempest tics 098
from the back, once again I am wishing I only had the long pink and orange curlers!
tempest tics 099
And here she is with a bird man, My Brother is on leave from the Navy right now and he taught the kids this game, if you make eye contact when someone gives you the birdman you have to lay down wherever you are. Unless of course you block with the monocle! life is always a crazy time here! LOL


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