Saturday, October 9, 2010

Korean Hair Bun, Chic-Clips style!

One of my fellow hair bloggers did this hair do, of course I had to Chic-Clips it and try it! With To Cool For Hair, She has a Ballroom class and a Gym class on the same day at school and has really been enjoying the bun. So here is our version (I would link back to the original blog but I have forgotten who did it so If I stole your hairdo let me know and I will link back to you!)
so to start this hairdo its just straight wet hair easy, part it down the side and take out a section of hair and braid it (just any random section inside the parted side area!
 hair 094
then French braid the hair back braiding around the little braid sorry this picture is not the best!
hair 095
Then I pulled all the hair except for the little braid back into a pony tail, and braided the non braided hair from the left side
hair 096
Next I stuck in a chop stick that has been cut down and sharpened with the pencil sharpener, yep I just brought it home from my favorite Chinese restaurant! LOL and then I wrapped each of the braids around the chopstick one going to the right the other one to the left, and secured it with bobby pins!
hair 097
Then I took the little braid and wrapped it around and hooked it in the bun
hair 098
braided side
hair 099
and from the front, you can see where the part is from this view!
Thanks so much for sending me a link! here is my insparation!!!!! curlyqshairdos.


Dreamer13 said...


Was this your inspiration by any chance? :D

Feel free to add me to your blog roll if you want :) You're on mine!

Chic-Clips said...

I thought that you were on my blog roll! funny, Thanks for the link! I added it to my post!

Dreamer13 said...

Aww, Thanks for adding the link! :D :D I love how you did this style, btw. :)

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