Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stacked double knots, and a bonus do to!

On Too Cool for hair we did this wicked cool double knot pony tail, we just made one low pony tied a knot to cover the elastic with a topsy tail and then did one more pony and tied a knot again, she said she had tonz of people at school asking how to do it and she didn’t even know what I had done back there! kind of funny I thought!
hair 086
sorry I didn’t get step by steps on this one! we were in a hurry in the morning!
and the little princess did her own hair and came up with this I told her I would post it cause I love the hair accessory with this one!
hair 103 hair 102
it is just a simple twist with a ostrich feather puff on the side but I love the way it balances each other out!


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