Friday, August 2, 2013

My first “Real Bun”

 sumer 2013 420So we started Baby Mermaid out with WET hair sumer 2013 421  and sectioned off the front part of her hair…Why can you guys get normal pictures of your kids? My kids know these are going on the internet but still…..well keep reading if that hasn't frightened you away!sumer 2013 423
I usually put the hair into a pony and then use that as a base for my pin curls, however today we were out so I just freeformed this bun, and I loved the controll I had to make it thicker or thinner here is a link to show you how I create these curl buns sumer 2013 424 Next I took the front part of her hair and split it in half, twisting the back half in 5 pieces back into the bunsumer 2013 425Then I took the rest of the front and french braided it back into 2 braids… wrapping them around her head above the bun (and pinning with a bobby pin) sumer 2013 426Then I wrapped the ends of her braid in through the hair… Pinning where needed sumer 2013 427 sumer 2013 428 sumer 2013 429 sumer 2013 430 sumer 2013 431 sumer 2013 432
And your done!


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