Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am sorry!

I am sorry I haven't posted for a few days! I really am trying to get back to posting! It seems as though I may have Hair-block similar to writers block so I am giving you guys a chance to tell me what you love..or don't love (be nice) about my blog and what you would love to see more of! yep you heard it the fate of Chic-Clips Hair is up to you! Wow that seems like a lot of pressure!
Thanks for all your help


Laura said...

I love your blog!! This might not even be possible, but I'd love a page that had clickable thumbnail photos of all of the hairdo's, so that it would be easy to browse and have my daughter see what she might like to have done that day.

But really, no complaints. LOVE your site!

Zajcha said...

seems like not many people have posted latley - must be spreading ;D i can't really think of anything to improve but maybe a video tutorial every so often =-D great work (Y)

AbBaThA said...

i love your blog! maybe more (if possible) too cool for hairs dos. i love every hairdo that you do for her! very cute! thanks!

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