Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Show Choir hair

To Cool for Hair is in a show choir and this is her show choir hair for this year. I had to go to a meeting to learn how to do it, but I had cub scouts so I sent my Dear Husband. Last year they taught us how to use a curling Iron and I thought no problem this year, I would just read the instructions and whip it out... (hahahaha) it was a little bit more involved but really cute so here goes. pull the back part of her hair into a twist and secure with a elastic.
I parted her hair back about an inch and a half and then parted that above her left eye. slicked down her hair to her ears and....

pined it above her ears, then I pulled the front part back and hooked it into the twist, I did pin curls above the twist following these instructions

and here we are from the back with lots of hairspray

and the top with lots of hairspray

I told her she had crazy eyes but she said no more pics so I guess this is as good as it gets this early in the morning.


Chic-Clips said...

I just thought that I would share! at her choir performance (the first time with costumes) skinny butted To Cool for hair grabbed a different girls pants and as she was dancing on stage she lost her pants! good thing it was after her solo and she had shorts on under, I just thought that I would share cause it made me giggle!

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