Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doll Hair!

Santa got nice dolls for my girls for Christmas (Baby Mermaid about 2 years ago and The Little Princess last year) well, I wanted to keep them in as good shape as possible, (baby mermaid's doll lost a head and now an arm) but as far as hair goes I learned some tips!

This is what you need, and a couple more things. If you need to wash their hair, use Windex and rinse it thoroughly! but be careful of eyes, I read that if you get doll eyes wet then they get cloudy. The little spray bottle is 1/4 fabric softener and the rest water. the brush is metal and says ANNABELLE ONLY the reason why is if you comb your hair with the brush you will get oils on it that will make your dolls hair nasty. and a towel, to help protect the dolls eyes and your lap!

Gigi from the back this is what I started with. I wish I would have taken a pic of Annabelle, She is Baby Mermaids doll... and she had five gigantic dreads with a ton of bed head and leaves and sticks stuck in it... now that is a picture to imagine!

This is Gigi from the front

so what you do is spray a tiny bit of spray (fabric softener and water) on the dolls hair where you are working, make sure you start at the bottom, get the tangles out, and then work up getting more tangles out, this could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour,

The pic above is armless Anabelles hair done

Anabelles ends

I heard to throw away those plastic combs that your doll comes with. I didn't and Annabelle has a lot of damage on her ends from kids combing her hair and pulling to hard, just comb soft and work slow.

Here are Gigi's ends, they don't have hardly any damage, I think it helps that an 11 year old that can follow instructions is her mom.

Gigi's close up, I had her hair braided there in the front, I am hoping her hair drys flatter

here they are all done...


Girly Do Hairstyles said...

wow- I have about 50 dolls I want to try this on- what a great tutorial!

bbreck said...

My daughter has a wig that I can't wait to do. It is cutly so we will see. Funny but this was a majorly helpful post. Thanks for thinking of it.

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