Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Funky buns with a zipper

Hey Everyone we had a photo shoot today for my hair bows and my friends custom clothing Stitcheroos So Here is the funny fun Hairdo we did on Baby Mermaid!
we started with a Zipper part, I just braided her hair back and forth across the part I would have liked to do it twice more.... but I was out of time!
Then I pulled the sides up into pigtail, then I braided the pigtails into 6 braids and braided it down 3/4 of the way.

Then I hooked the braids into loops with bobby pins, and left the tops all crazy.

Here she is with crazy tops. at this point I was running crazy, So we ran upstairs I curled and fluffed her ends and I didn't take the camera up so.... NO Pictures for you!

added some of the cutest Minnie Mouse bows EVER!

Here it is from the top with a good view of the zipper

Here she is messing around after the shoot! she has her cute outfit on but I have to admit the wind had picked up quite a bit so her tutu looks a little weird!

cute socks!
there you go!


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