Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Studio C

So, Once again I have to Mention Tourette’s all of my kids (except Little Princess) have Tourette. Monkey Man has this awesome tic that he says Bisque just like the Bisque guy on Studio C. Studio C is a comedy sketch show filmed at BYU (a nearby college) usually they have an age limit of 12 for there filmings. but they did a special rehearsal that kids could go to! So we jumped on the chance to go meet the cast! They even did a new Bisque sketch! (which was awesome because Monkey Man Bisqued along with him!) It was really fun. we got autographs from a couple of the cast members and saw some new fun skits that we cant wait to see on TV! her are some pictures!

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This is the view from the very back of the line! yep we were the last group to get let in!

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