Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Hair part one

So My DH’s Sister is getting married next weekend, and of course my kids get to be involved. which means fancy hair week at Chic-clips! we are testing out hair all week so we can find the perfect do for the Little Princess. I have been going crazy with all the DRAMA! but at least I can occupy myself with the hair!
bows and hair 011
So we just braided back her bangs
bows and hair 012
Pulled her hair into a side ponytail
bows and hair 013
Then I did two rope braids, in her ponytail
bows and hair 014
See awesome braids! notice they are a lot looser than I usually do, just for fun!
bows and hair 015
then I wrapped the Braids around, and bobby pined them down pulling the twists apart to make the bun look more fullbows and hair 016
Then I took the ends and pinned them down
bows and hair 017
Here from the side
bows and hair 018
bows and hair 019
other side!


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