Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hair Bow

When The little princess was looking for pictures of hair for her Aunts wedding she found a picture of Paris Hilton sporting a hair bow, and she wanted to try, this is our first attempted and it was before school, I only have a half an hour scheduled for all three girls hair, so this is what she got

Mom's weird 104

Pulled her hair into a high ponytail

Mom's weird 105

Here you can see the placement better

Mom's weird 106

made two loops with the ponytail

Mom's weird 107

took a section of hair and wrapped it around the elastics holding the loops

Mom's weird 108

wrapped it again and used some bobby pins to hold it in place

Mom's weird 109

and from the front, If I were to do it again, I would make sure that her hair was dry and then ratted and put pomade in it to hold it into place better!



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