Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow DC in a week is not enough!

Our lives have been a whirl wind these last couple of weeks, some good, some bad, but I am sure to feel you in as things become more solid, however when I got home I found that we had taken somewhere close to 800 pictures and I am not going to post them all here so I will give  you a quick couple of pictures and tell you all what great kids I have and how thankful I am for the family that we stayed with! I have to say Dan & Jill are the best!!!!
The kids in front of the Washington monument!

bureau of engraving and printing

messing around on the Mall (I think it is time to mow!)
the White House

Too cool for hair and Bacon

we got to see the thinker, we were a little disappointed with the size! but here we are with the firepower pose!

For ASL class we got to go to Gallaudet university! It was really neat for two cool for hair! She wants to be a interpreter when she grows up.

Us in front of the Washington D.C. temple
My DH had a birthday on Vacation and he got to go with the boys to a Washington Nationals Baseball game! They had a blast and the best thing was I didn't have to go! (I am not athletical in any way)

Monkey man massaging feet after the long walk!

The Navy Museum! GO NAVY!!!!
air and space,

well that was just a few of our pics and highlights! I promise I am just about back to normal after a fantastic vacation,


SugarandSpice said...

SO FUN! I have always wanted to go to D.C. I am a big city type of person! If a week wasn't enough what places would you say were a must for those going there who don't have as long?

TRICKY1976 said...

what a wonderful family you have :)
it looks like you all had a great time and had a whole lot of fun on yours hols

sending with love from england

Chic-Clips said...

My kids Loved going to the top of the Washington monument, I Loved all of the Smithsonian's Hasy was great, also my kids really enjoyed picking out a few special things that they wanted to see, like Dorthy's slippers or C3PO, I loved Arlington, an some of the historic things, also the little kids loved the Holocaust museum but my older kids didn't!

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