Friday, July 24, 2009

short hair do #1

Here is a hair do that I have done a couple of times on the little princess since she has cut her hair short! so I parted out the front section, due to the fact that we lost all of our hairdoing clips on vacation I am using elastics!
Then I hooked the sides back so that my parts would still be straight when I braided her hair.

braided the hair pulling strands only from the front so the braid would stand up on one edge. this is also a dutch french braid which helps it pop up.

still braiding

took out the extra elastics, combed the back smooth, and your done


Triskit said...

Love it! Great for growing out bangs! By the way, my latest post shows off one of you korker bows. It is so cute. Check it out.

Zajcha said...
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