Friday, July 17, 2009

Trash Tie bunns

I Bought my trash ties last Christmas, was so excited to use them and quite honestly do not love them, I have only used them a couple of times, and I won't purchase any more, if you have them and love them! great, this is of course my opinion, but enough with the rant and on with the hair! so this is baby Mermaids hair and we wanted it up because it was going to be hot! I started with the hair in a high pony and with an elastic then I made a slip type knot out of the trash tie and tightened it up in her hair!

see it really is made out of a wire!

Here I am wrapping the hair and the "trash tie" together

Then I just twist it up on itself and then "sew" the end into the hair and fold it over on itself, I have a hard time getting these in tight but last minute we decided to go swimming and it stayed in beautiful! for which I was very surprised I think it is because we put it in a pony with an elastic first!

here is the back with a bow. When I made this bow set a couple of years ago my dear sweet supportive husband said "seriously Heather, the poor kid looks like Princess Leah" now we try to wear them one at a time or as really high pigtails

I have been teasing baby mermaid because she closes her eyes for every pic, she is super sensitive to light so this is her funny "mom, I am opening my eyes pic"


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