Friday, July 31, 2009

Teenage bun with diagonal braids & positive day

I have so enjoyed this week, To Cool For Hair has had show choir camp all week and has wanted her hair off of her neck! so we have done some really cute things... the only problem with 8am start times we haven't got a lot of pics :( but today we didn't start till 11:00 so I took pics for a tutorial! I did three diagonal french braids from the right side of her head to her left side. then I secured them with an elastic
then I did three diagonal braids from the right side to the left from the bottom to the top so the ends met at the same place and hooked both ends together, so I only have 3 ponys

Then I did my usual pin curl buns across the ponys, they kind of ended up on a diagonal from the right side down, I loved how this looked!

Here she is from the front!

from the top!

I was so excited and she loved it! she told me today I should change her name on my blog because she is definitely NOT to cool for her mom to do her hair! ahhhh, that made my day!

I was a day late on this
but I thought that it was a great idea! and with a happy teenager, a loving hubby and great kids! plus the fact that I don't have to do cub scouts till next week! what could be better! thanks dust bunny hostage for this great idea!


Merynne said...

I like this style... I can't really do this on Alex with the new 'do, but I know a young lady at church whose hair I play with sometimes;) Really cute!

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