Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Low Pig tails with a braided headband

A quick easy hairdo with low pigs and a couple of braids so we parted out 2 one inch sections of hair from ear to ear where we wanted the head band to lay. I did a dutch french braid so it would stick out a little bit.we braided one section from right to left and only took hair from the front side of the braid so it would sit back on the part!

Then I started the back braid from left from right, only pulling hair from the back so it would sit next to the first braid

Then I put the rest of the hair into low pigtails, with the braid that ended by that ear,

added bows of course, and you have one cute baby mermaid!
I wish I would have taken a finished pic from the top, I cant believe how cute it was and how many complements I got on this one!


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